Technology advances too fast for humans to keep up. It is not sufficient to possess broad knowledge in every field --- new information has to be searched for each particular job to be at the forefront.
"If you demand a wise answer, you'll have to ask wisely too"
--- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

HOW helps you ask the questions and find the answers. Working together we reach a more satisfying solution.

If you start a new project and want to know if it is feasible, or if you have trouble making A and B work together I may be able to help. You can call me 24 hours a day.

I have worked as a consultant in many different fields:

Pricing information

Normal consultancy hours DKK 960.00
First 100 consultancy hours (15% introductory rebate) DKK 816.00
Transportation hours (while travelling) DKK 480.00
Abroad/offshore hours extra charge (from departure until return) DKK 160.00

(Excl. VAT).